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Insurance Brokers in Sydney

PSC Insurance Brokers (Sydney) is based in the heart of the CBD.  We have extensive experience in insuring risks in this economically diverse landscape, applying our in-depth experience to find the most suitable insurance coverage to fit our clients’ insurance and risk management needs.

At PSC Insurance Brokers (Sydney), we have developed many long-standing relationships with our clients that often span 20 to 30 years.  We talk to our clients about their businesses and the issues they are experiencing, with an aim to provide a holistic solution around those problems through insurance, risk management and general business practices.

Being based in Sydney, we are also involved in finding insurance solutions for cutting edge and emerging technology businesses in the area. This is a specialised sector that many other brokers cannot service. Placing this type of business requires tenacity, negotiation skills, and a high level of technical capability to ensure the policies perform in these complex situations. While we may often deal with complex areas of insurance, we ensure our clients understand the intricacies of their insurance program. Our skill is our ability to translate insurance terminology and processes into terms our clients understand.

We ensure we make it personal for every client that we work with. We care about our clients and have a huge sense of empathy for them, as we’ve been in their shoes running a business.

Insurance Specialisations

PSC Insurance Brokers specialise in providing risk advice and sourcing insurance cover for a broad range of SME businesses, large family-owned businesses and growing corporate organisations. We have the experience and passion to understand the unique risks that can impact your business and source the right cover for your situation. Our team have additional experience in:

Commercial & Infrastructure Construction

PSC Insurance Brokers offer cover for commercial, civil and mechanical construction. We can cover a range of construction projects from operators building high-rises or factories to businesses that specialise in land subdivision, as well as civil or mechanical installations, public utilities and other large infrastructure projects. We offer insurance coverage and risk management advice to construction businesses of all types and sizes. Contractors all risk insurance cover can protect businesses from consequential loss, damage to plant, machinery & tools, or damage to goods & materials in transit. We can also source cover for commissioning and testing as required for mechanical or civil construction. In addition, we can source covers that incorporate any rectification work that has to be undertaken by the business during their defects period. 

Sub-contractor risk is another major issue for the construction industry. PSC Insurance brokers can source the right covers to protect sub-contractors and can also assist businesses in finding risk management solutions for their sub-contractor exposures.

Effectively protecting businesses in this highly regulated landscape means ensuring that their insurance provides the right covers and responses to fulfil regulatory requirements. At PSC Insurance Brokers, we help our clients navigate this. We can assist with contract reviews to ensure their contractual obligations to head contractors are fair. In addition, we can ensure the insurance policy fulfils these obligations wherever possible.

Financial Planners Insurance

PSC Insurance Brokers specialises in providing insurance and risk management advice for financial planners, life insurance brokers and those providing tax financial advice.  Sourcing from local and international markets to deliver great outcomes for our clients, our specialists can recommend appropriate professional indemnity insurance, cyber insurance and ancillary products.   In addition, we have the internal capability to provide advice on regulatory changes and ensure our clients’ policies remain ASIC RG 126 compliant.

Insurance for Financial Institutions

PSC Insurance Brokers specialises in Professional Lines Insurance for all types of financial institutions, offering Professional Indemnity Insurance, Directors & Officers Insurance, Crime Insurance & Cyber Insurance. We work with a wide range of clients across the financial services sector, from fund managers, to stock-brokers, corporate advisors, foreign exchange dealers, property trusts, venture capital/private equity managers, and bank or other lending institutions. At PSC Insurance Brokers, we apply our extensive knowledge and experience in this complex area of insurance to protect businesses across the sector.

SME Insurance

PSC Insurance Brokers specialise in SME insurance. We protect these types of businesses by really getting to know them to the extent that we are a part of their business. We create one to one relationships with the owner of the business, ensuring good communication throughout the duration of the relationship. As we are locals of the communities we service, we are often customers of the businesses we service. . As such, the relationships are genuine, and both parties have an invested interest in achieving the best outcome.

We truly care about the survival and success of our SME business clients and feel privileged that we are in a position to help them. We love learning about our clients’ businesses and combine that knowledge with an understanding of the insurance markets and products to find economical insurance solutions. As insurance specialists, we are able to look beyond traditional policy structures to secure better outcomes. For example, we may break down a policy and place different sections with different insurers to maximise premium reductions. We also have intimate knowledge of policy wordings and know how to cover the idiosyncrasies to find solutions that are not only the most economical, but also offer great protection.

Professional Risks Insurance

At PSC Insurance Brokers, we specialise in professional lines insurance for all types of professional businesses.  Some of the covers that we can source for businesses in this sector include Professional Indemnity Insurance, Directors & Officers Insurance, Crime Insurance, Information Technology Liability Insurance, Investment Management Insurance & Cyber Insurance. We have extensive experience working with businesses in this sector, with our clients ranging from sole traders to ASX listed companies.

Worldwide Sport

Worldwide Sports Insurance (WWSI) is Australia’s leading Sports and Leisure Insurance Broker, and a division of the wider PSC Insurance Group. WWSI specialises in providing insurance solutions to the sport and leisure market, insurance sports clubs, sports people, associations and national sporting organisations, as well as a wide variety of leisure businesses. PSC Insurance Brokers has access to the wealth of experience of the WWSI team and can source a range of solutions to fulfil your insurance needs, including Personal Accident Cover, Professional Indemnity / Management Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Equipment cover, Business Interruption Insurance, and Corporate Travel Insurance. In addition to sourcing insurance cover, we can apply our comprehensive experience in working within this niche market to offer unrivalled risk management advice.

Manufacturing Insurance

PSC Insurance Brokers recognise the unique risks faced by businesses in the manufacturing industry. With a deep understanding of the sector and Australian consumer laws, including the Chain of Responsibility Legislation, we are well-equipped to provide manufacturing insurance solutions for a wide range of manufacturing businesses. Whether our clients are involved in food production, clothing manufacturing, automotive products, electrical components, furniture, medicines, chemicals, or recycled goods, we leverage our years of experience to source comprehensive coverage.

Our focus is on protecting manufacturing clients from various risks associated with their products, ensuring efficacy and suitability for use while also addressing advisory components to customers. Additionally, we offer coverage for practical day-to-day risks, including supply chain management, property protection, and potential risks to trade in the event of business interruption.

Our specialised coverage options include Product Recall Insurance, Product Errors & Omissions Insurance, Faulty Workmanship Insurance, and Suppliers & Customers Extensions Insurance, to safeguard manufacturing businesses against a wide range of potential liabilities and disruptions.

Labour Hire Insurance

PSC Insurance Brokers and PSC Workers Compensation Services closely collaborate to provide labour hire insurance solutions that effectively reduce risks and exposures, leading to more cost-effective insurance premiums. With a deep understanding of the labour hire industry, we have established strong relationships with distinctive insurers, enabling us to secure the most appropriate outcomes for your business.

For Placement & Labour Hire companies, navigating work health safety challenges can be daunting, particularly when determining liability boundaries between the company and host employers. Our team recognises the regulatory framework and legal requirements in place, ensuring that you have a comprehensive Safety Management System & Plan. We assist you in conducting thorough risk analyses for tasks performed by your employees and implementing mechanisms for reporting risks promptly. By combining liability coverage with our workers compensation solution, PSC Insurance Brokers delivers comprehensive insurance coverage that mitigates risks and protects your labour hire business.

David Withers

Managing Principal

David Withers started his insurance career at an insurance brokerage in the UK, fulfilling several roles before leading the national commercial team. David continued his insurance broking career after moving to Australia in 2007 including pursuing a focus on claims management. In addition to being a diligent and experienced broker, David has consistently achieved exceptional claims outcomes for his clients through his tenacity and negotiating power. This is the part of his role that he enjoys most as it often means the most to clients. 

With extensive industry knowledge, David has the technical capability to understand how insurance policies should perform in  complex situations, while translating this information into terms that clients understand. David develops close working relationships with his clients as part of getting to know their business so that he can identify the most effective way to add value to their business through risk management or risk transfer. He is quick to respond to clients and committed to finding solutions for his clients that ultimately helps their business succeed.

“Our job is to become trusted advisors to our clients, through finding simplistic solutions to their insurance and risk management problems.”

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Protecting Your Local Business with Our Global Experience

PSC Insurance Brokers (Sydney) provides trusted insurance advice and risk management strategies to keep your business protected.

When you work with us, you work alongside a group of diverse and driven brokers. Our team spans from competent and ambitious newcomers who bring with them fiery dedication, to those with a great deal of experience and unrivalled industry knowledge. What brings us together is our commitment to providing the highest quality service to each of our clients, and our shared passion for insurance.

We go beyond providing surface-level insurance advice. Our clients are at the centre of everything we do, and we act as a dependable business advisor they can rely on. Each day, your business, assets and people are exposed to a wide range of risks. We make it our mission to keep these aspects of your business protected, so even when challenges arise, you can continue to focus on doing what you do best.

Our brokers do this by taking the time to understand all the facets of your business, which means they can find the most suitable insurance program. We also leverage these insights, including your business journey and staff employed, to suggest ways to future-proof your business with risk management strategies.

We Make it Personal

At PSC Insurance Brokers (Sydney), we go the extra mile to add real value for our clients. Their business is their livelihood, and as their broker, we truly care about helping them protect everything they have worked so hard to build.

We recognise the total cost of risk varies between businesses, and our brokers work to understand your specific circumstances. With this knowledge, we develop tailored strategies for best protecting your business.

When you choose to source your cover through PSC Insurance Brokers, you choose a full-service approach to insurance and risk management. With this comes the assurance that your business is in capable hands.

We know that things can go wrong at any time, which is why our services do not stop at matching you with insurance cover. Even when it occurs outside of work hours, our team are always available to provide the quality service our clients know and love – when they need it the most.

We pride ourselves in developing long lasting relationships with clients. As their business grows and their risks change, we are by their side to continue to provide trusted and current risk management advice. Most importantly, if at any point you need to make a claim, we negotiate with the insurer on your behalf, so you can get back to business sooner.


We have local knowledge coupled with a national network of risk management specialists and access to insurance policies to match your requirements.


Our Risk Management Solutions

Risks come hand-in-hand with running a business. The business landscape can be unpredictable, volatile and complex. If you want to future-proof your company, managing, minimising and mitigating risk is imperative. At PSC Insurance Brokers (Sydney), we help you do just that, and provide the specialist advice needed to help keep your business protected.

We practice a holistic approach to risk management, considering all facets of your business and recommending the most appropriate proactive and practical ways to keep you protected. This is formally achieved through the creation of a risk management plan, which is used to establish clear procedures for identifying and avoiding potential threats, minimising the impact of unwanted events if they do occur, and coping with the outcomes.

Having this in place gives businesses the confidence that they can continue to move forward, set new goals and progress in their industry without their income and assets being at risk.

We Add Value to Your Business

We use our knowledge of your unique needs to source the most appropriate cover for your business. As established specialists in the field and a part of the wider PSC Insurance Group, we leverage our access to policies and industry connections to secure your business competitively priced cover.

If your business faces more unusual risks, which can be difficult to place, we can use our global networks to achieve what may otherwise be unattainable outcomes.