Working With Plant & Machinery: A Risky Business to Be In?

Plant Machinery

Every day, plant workers and owners face countless dangers – be it from heavy machinery, power tools, falls or even work that requires repetitive motion.  There area number of plant & machinery risks that can result in medical bills, loss of work, damage to machinery and even a temporary plant shut down, which can be extremely costly.

The most common injuries in this sector are slipping and breaking bones or spraining muscles, crush injuries and lacerations.  These injuries are often caused due to poor maintenance of equipment, collisions, and burns and illness caused by hazardous substances not used correctly.  According to Safe Work Australia, in 2013 there were 106,565 claims of serious injuries in the manufacturing.  Unfortunately, they can’t all be prevented.


Plant & Machinery Risks: Things to Remember

  1. It is the company’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment and ensure secure use, handling and storage of the plant. The company owner is also obliged to ensure the plant is without risks to the health and safety of everyone, but kept in the safest of conditions and following every regulation. However even if you do this, accidents can happen and it’s vital to have the right insurance coverage.
  1. You may be thinking that you don’t have to worry about costs associated with workplace injury because you have Worker’s Compensation Insurance, but it this isn’t always enough. Worker’s Compensation Insurance will not cover all of your losses due to an injury because there could be other associated losses such as machine breakage, or an interruption in your manufacturing schedule. An interruption in your manufacturing schedule could be extremely costly when taken into consideration that it could delay your entire supply chain or maybe even cost you customers.
  1. It is not only injury or accidents that can cost you. Machinery is exposed daily to events that can cause them to break down. Exposure to weather such as temperature, wind and precipitation can affect the operation of heavy machinery.  The risk of fire can be high around certain machinery, and fire extinguishers and hoses should be readily available near them at all times.  But even with proper upkeep of machinery and equipment, they can break down which could cause delays in the chain of production, delivery and sales as well as injuries.  Even minor interruptions can be extremely costly to your company.


It is essential that your plant have a complete insurance package that covers all aspects of your operation.   At PSC Insurance Brokers, we can review your policy to discus your plant and machinery risk and ensure that there are no gaps in your coverage.




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