Recognised across the insurance industry for our work in the Workers Compensation field, PSC Workers Compensation Services have worked with a range of businesses across many sectors. We consult with numerous public sector, publicly listed and private companies across Australia.

PSC WCS works with businesses to review their Workers Compensation programmes to reduce their costs and improve injury and risk and claims management practices. You can count on our experience to improve your business, as our team comprises some of the highest quality specialists in the field, with over 20 years of experience in the Workers Compensation industry.

Engaging us to handle your Workers Compensation obligations frees up the time of busy company executives which allows you to focus on your core business operations while insurance specialists manage your Workers Compensation needs.

Working Australia wide, our highly skilled, professional consultants can recommend the most appropriate Workers Compensation Management solutions to suit your unique business needs.

Kirsty Roser


Kirsty Roser is the Chief Executive officer of PSC Workers Compensation Services (WCS). With over 25 years workers compensation experience and over 20 years specific consulting experience, Kirsty brings a depth of knowledge to the role. Prior to joining WCS, Kirsty was a leader of the Workforce Strategies consulting practice at a large insurer, where she worked actively with corporate clients to manage and improve their WHS and Workers Compensation performance.  Kirsty was also responsible for the placement and management of these clients’ workers compensation insurance programs.

Kirsty works closely with clients to review their insurance programs and assess alternative insurance options that may be more beneficial to them. She takes the time to review client’s systems, processes and resources and works with organisations to improve outcomes in relation to injury prevention and management. Kirsty also works on mergers and acquisitions providing due diligence advice in relation to insurance requirements.

“I work with clients to understand the key performance drivers in order to implement insurance, systems and resource programs that achieve sustainable improvements.”

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Key Workers Compensation Services:


PSC Workers Compensation Services will review your current insurance to determine that it is the most appropriate solution for your business.

This often results in cost reductions as a result of reviewing policy structure, industry classification and declared remuneration. We provide recommendations for alternative insurance solutions with a focus on ensuring your organisation is compliant with all relevant legislation.


PSCWCS can help you identify whether your business should explore alternative insurance models or self-insurance. Our specialist Workers Compensation Services team will identify the most appropriate option for your business and prepare a detailed Feasibility Study that outlines to the recommended option.

This in-depth document will not only address the financial considerations of the option but also the other risks and benefits associated with the option to ensure best fit for the organisation.

Programme Implementation & Management

Once we have identified which insurance options are the best fit for your organisation’s unique circumstances, PSCWCS will work with your business and the relevant insurers, Agents and/or Regulators to implement the new programme.

Our relationship with your business does not end when we source your insurance. We work with your business as a long term insurance and risk management advisor.

Service Provider

When it comes to preventing and managing workplace injuries there are a wide variety of service providers that your business needs to engage with in order to achieve the best outcomes.

When you work with PSCWC, you have access to our list of preferred external providers, to assist you. We will work with you throughout the process of on boarding and working with an external provider. Whether you choose one of our preferred providers or decide on your own provider, we will help you from the selection processes, to setting up effective service contracts.


You cannot change the wages you pay or industry you operate in, but you can influence claims. Effective injury management can be achieved through early intervention.

Injury management can also be improved through using a team that comprehends medical diagnoses, can interact with health professionals and have the necessary skills and training to manage injured workers. While some businesses will have these resources internally, others may rely on external providers for this specialised service.


Effective claims management involves determining liability, managing legal and litigated claims and understanding the technical aspects of the legislation in that jurisdiction. It is also important to establish close working relationships with the insurer, claims agent or self-insurance team who can work cohesively to handle the claim.

We will work with you to help manage your organisation’s injuries and claims, or support your existing internal resources in doing this. We have vast experience in this area to help our clients achieve improved outcomes on claims and reduce their insurance costs.

Management System Design Services

PSCWCS can be engaged to assist organisations in designing and implementing comprehensive injury prevention and workers compensation processes, procedures, frameworks and resources that are developed in line with best practice guidelines, standards and regulations to help protect you and your workers.

PSC WCS – a specialist PSC Insurance Brokers Division

PSC Workers Compensation Services are a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants with a proven track record working with businesses to reduce costs and improve injury and claims management practices.



We have local knowledge coupled with a national network of risk management specialists and access to insurance policies to match your requirements.