The construction business has its own range of risks. Accidents and unexpected project disruptions can seriously impact your timelines, which can result in significant financial loss for your business as a whole.

The success of any construction project is dependent on how project risks are managed. There are a number of ways that risks can be managed, for example through considered business and construction practices and through careful preparation and follow through on project contract documents. Despite how well you plan, there may be certain risks that cannot be avoided. This is where Construction Insurances comes in.

PSC Insurance Brokers Construction Insurance Specialists

PSC Insurance Brokers provide insurance solutions and sound risk management advice to Construction businesses across Australia. We’ve worked extensively across the construction sector, and have helped thousands of businesses like yours through Commercial, Domestic, Civil and Mechanical construction projects.

Whether you’re running national or local construction projects, our specialist construction insurance brokers provide advice based on an in-depth analysis of your business. We consider your insurance needs for the full life cycle of your projects – from planning, working on site, to hand over and defect management.

Get Help From An Insurance Specialist

Construction Insurance Knowledge

Effectively protecting businesses in this highly regulated landscape means ensuring that insurances provide the right covers and responses to fulfil regulatory requirements. At PSC Insurance Brokers, we help our clients navigate this landscape including Contract reviews and interacting with third parties such as credit providers, legal advisors and sub-contractors.

We have in-depth experience in the civil construction sector, having provided insurance solutions for the following projects:

  • Land and Housing developments
  • Shopping centres
  • Commercial Developments
  • Manufacturing & Warehouses
  • Food & Beverage Facilities
  • Heavy Industry
  • Petrochemical & Mining.

Construction insurance is necessary for every business in the industry, and every project that you work on. In some cases, it is a requirement to have specific cover in place in order to begin a project.   

Construction Insurance is also essential for owner builders carrying out construction work on their own property.  In this case, it is not generally compulsory, but it can ensure you do not face severe financial consequences in the event that something goes wrong during the building process.

How we can help you

Construction Insurance can cover a wide range of exposures relating to your projects so it’s important to find the most appropriate cover for your business.

And it isn’t always just the project that needs to be insured. PSC Insurance Brokers can help source and tailor policies considering all of your exposures and legal obligations including:

  • Annual or Project Specific Construction & Liability
  • Business Assets
  • Commercial Motor Fleet
  • General Property
  • Design & Construction Professional Indemnity
  • Mobile Plant & Equipment
  • Workers Compensation
  • Asbestos Liability
  • Environmental Impairment Liability
  • Management Liability
  • Surety Bonds
  • Trade Credit.

We manage risks of all sizes and complexities and our focus is to provide comprehensive and cost effective cover options to strategically manage your risks. Working in the construction industry, you know that every construction project is unique and has its own set of challenges that you should be prepared for.

Accidents or unexpected disruptions on site can significantly impact important project timelines, which can leave your business exposed to financial and legal risk.


We have local knowledge coupled with a national network of risk management specialists and access to insurance policies to match your requirements.