Important Changes To The NSW Workers’ Compensation Scheme

Scheme Changes

The NSW Workers’ Compensation Scheme in NSW is about to undergo significant structural change, which will affect all employers who have a policy within the state. i-Care (formerly Workcover) has made two recent announcements of the changes.

The following provides some detail in relation to  the changes in NSW and how they may affect you.

What are these changes?

The two major changes affect both the underwriting and claims management in NSW. The first of these changes was in the way employers will now manage their policies. From March 2017 all policies due for renewal will be processed by i-Care directly rather than your Scheme Agent.

It was also announced that a new online portal will be available for both new business and renewal of workers’ compensation policies. The second major announcement relates to how your claims will be managed.

From 1 January 2018 all workers compensation claims will be lodged directly with EML. In addition it was also announced by i-Care that CGU & QBE will exit the NSW workers’ compensation market and GIO and Allianz will manage only tail claims lodged to 31 December 2017.

What if I want to register a new policy in NSW?

From March any new policy can be done online with the new online i-Care portal.

What do I do with my actual wages declarations?

When you are in a position to provide actual wages for your expiring policy you will lodge these with your current Scheme Agent to process. 

What do I need to do to renew your policy?

Within 21 days of the renewal of your policy in NSW you will receive a renewal pack from i-Care. This pack will include a Certificate of Currency, Premium notice and other critical information for your perusal.

Can I manage the renewal of my policy online?

At the moment you cannot access policy data online. It is expected that some time post June 2017 i-Care will make available the online portal for all policy holders that will allow you to manage all of your underwriting directly including wages declarations and certificates of currency.

Can I transfer my policy to EML before 31 December 2017?

Whilst i-Care have not announced a freeze they have indicated that if any employer wants to move at renewal of their policy they will need to present a case for consideration and approval. You will not be able to move your policy otherwise.

What if my claims are with CGU or QBE?

With both exiting the scheme by 31 December 2017 no formal announcement has been made regarding the management of the existing claims but from recent discussions it has been intimated that all ‘tail’ claims will be managed by GIO.

What if my claims are with Allianz or GIO?

At this stage they will continue to manage all claims lodged up to and including 31 December 2017.

What if my claims are with EML?

There are no changes and you will continue to lodge your claims with EML.

Can I get assistance from PSC?

PSC Workers Compensation & Consulting (PSCWCC) can assist clients in this transition phase for a fee.