Global Network

We are a member of the BrokersLink Global Insurance Alliance

This enables us to best serve our clients with overseas operations making us an obvious alternative to overseas owned competitors for all Australian owned small and large companies who need help in this way. Importantly it provides us with access to a global knowledge network which communicates information in relation to critical matters that influence risk and insurance around the world.

With a presence in over 50 countries, BrokersLink is one of the largest global networks of insurance brokers. Fueled with a passion for the insurance business, BrokersLink provides the countries with a local synergy and a global consistency. Clients rely on this synergy and consistency, and these qualities put BrokersLink at the cutting edge of the insurance industry.

An ever-increasing number of 5800 professionals across the globe are ready to address the insurance needs of mid-size businesses and large, multinational enterprises spanning across many industries. BrokersLink has risen to the top in meeting global interconnectedness. With annual premiums in an excess of USD 10.5 billion, BrokersLink is committed to working with its clients to achieve a complete insurance solution portfolio that will be completely in tune with their business.

BrokersLink’s broad global network has become a premier platform for enhanced performance of insurance solutions worldwide. The expertise offered by the diverse and dedicated broker members provide everything that is needed to make sure the program designed for each client precisely matches their requirements.

No matter the size of the company, clients will find that BrokersLink delivers unmatched insurance program solutions.

BrokersLink grew out of three expert insurance networks with experience specific to their own geographic region. BrokersLink in Porto, Portugal, was set up in 2004, while PanAsian Alliance has serviced the expanding Asian market since 2005. Alinter was founded in 2000 and has a strong client base in Latin America.

As it grew, BrokersLink combined excellence on three continents: Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and expanded recently into North America. It now covers prominent countries all over the world. As globalization progressed under the leadership of José Manuel Dias Da Fonseca, the founders of BrokersLink have realized the value of offering local expertise to clients in distinct regions, assuring them of professional advice wherever they are located. Now the integrated services of BrokersLink offer the best of both worlds: a global strategic approach and genuine local knowledge.

Both individually and as BrokersLink members, all these professionals continue to lead the way in the insurance market place throughout the world. As it becomes more successful, BrokersLink clients will benefit from these diverse and comprehensive services.

BrokersLink has partnerships with all major insurance markets throughout the world. We have a significant premium volume with major insurers, providing the leverage our alliance needs to deliver competitive and quality insurance programs to our clients.

We have strong relationships with Ace, Allianz, Axa, Beazley, AIG, Chubb, Generali, Liberty Mutual, Mapfre, Munich Re, Royal Sun Alliance, Swiss Re, Webcbg and Zurich, to name a few. Because we represent a major player in the international arena, many insurers are looking closely at BrokersLink developments and expressing a great interest in partnering with us.

Additionally, many independent brokers and captive in-house brokers utilize BrokersLink’s international platform to provide global risk management and insurance brokerage services to their multinational clients.

The majority of BrokersLink clients are multinational companies, which operate in Europe, Africa, Asia, North American and Latin America. They look to BrokersLink to assist in assessing the risks, which they face, and in designing cost efficient and creative insurance and risk management solutions to address these exposures. Additionally, BrokersLink provides advice regarding local compliance and unique exposures, which further enhance the BrokersLink value proposition.

BrokersLink with its global reach can provide this advice to clients operating virtually anywhere in the world and via its Intranet site, provide real time up to the minute updates regarding local rules and regulations, which affect its clients’ business.
BrokersLink offers its clients a depth of in-house expertise in a number of critical disciplines:

  • Captive Consulting
  • Loss Control Engineering
  • Claims Advice
  • Cyber Risk Exposure Analysis
  • Catastrophic Loss Modeling
  • Business Continuity and Crisis Management Advice
  • Supply Chain Exposure Analysis
  • Employee Benefits Consulting
  • K & R Expertise
  • Disaster Recovery Services.

BrokersLink commits to the following core values:

  • Outstanding client service
  • Global knowledge and global reach
  • Local market knowledge.