Ben Goodall

PSC Insurance Brokers

“I’m loyal, dedicated, and I fight for my clients.”

Ben Goodall has worked in the insurance industry since he graduated from university. Ben comes from a family of insurance professionals so has been exposed to industry his whole life. With such extensive experience in the industry, Ben applies his unrivalled knowledge to the benefit of his clients. Ben is proud of building effective teams throughout his years working in insurance. He truly cares about the people that he works with and the clients he protects.

Ben places importance on understanding his clients’ businesses and the risks that they face so that he can effectively work with them through any issues faced. Ben is focused on identifying risks and translating complex insurance terms in a way that clients can understand so that together, they can implement the most appropriate insurance and risk management solutions.

David Hosking

CEO (Australia & New Zealand & Hong Kong)
PSC Insurance Group

David has developed a deep understanding of the insurance industry holding senior roles in Australia, the UK and Asia. He has over twenty-five years insurance experience, most recently focusing on insurance broking and intermediary markets.

He joined PSC in 2021 as Chief Executive Officer of PSC Insurance. David is responsible for leading the growth and strategic direction of the key divisions within Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. As a proven and well-respected leader in the Insurance Industry, he leads a strong executive team at PSC to achieve significant growth targets whilst ensuring the necessary frameworks in place across all the businesses.

As Chief Financial Officer and subsequently Chief General Manager (Broker and Agency) at Allianz, he demonstrated his financial, business and commercial acumen overseeing the growth of the Division and most notably building Allianz Australia’s Underwriting Agency business within the Broker and Agency Division.

David has a strong commitment to ensuring the customer is at the centre of everything PSC does. Across many roles, David has demonstrated a deep understanding that every client is unique and recognising their needs drives the best outcome.

Kirsty Roser


“I work with clients to understand the key performance drivers in order to implement insurance, systems and resource programs that achieve sustainable improvements.”

Kirsty Roser is the Chief Executive officer of PSC Workers Compensation Services (WCS). With over 25 years workers compensation experience and over 20 years specific consulting experience, Kirsty brings a depth of knowledge to the role. Prior to joining WCS, Kirsty was a leader of the Workforce Strategies consulting practice at a large insurer, where she worked actively with corporate clients to manage and improve their WHS and Workers Compensation performance.  Kirsty was also responsible for the placement and management of these clients’ workers compensation insurance programs.

Kirsty works closely with clients to review their insurance programs and assess alternative insurance options that may be more beneficial to them. She takes the time to review client’s systems, processes and resources and works with organisations to improve outcomes in relation to injury prevention and management. Kirsty also works on mergers and acquisitions providing due diligence advice in relation to insurance requirements.

Darren Fenech

National Operations & Development Manager

“We get to know our clients. We know who they are, and we use our expertise to help them to grow, through covering their risks and making sure that they’re not going to be exposed.”

Darren Fenech, currently serving as PSC’s National Operations & Development Manager, embarked on his insurance career six years ago, following a substantial tenure in corporate banking. Darren’s initial role as Branch Manager of PSC Insurance Brokers Eastern allowed him to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the insurance industry. The competencies he acquired in his banking profession can be seamlessly applied across various financial service sectors. Throughout his career, Darren has been dedicated to delivering superior financial advice and solutions to his clients.

As well as being solution-oriented, Darren places high importance on being accessible and available to his clients at all times, acknowledging that business dealings do not strictly occur within standard business hours. Leveraging his extensive experience and perceptive insights into clients’ respective industries and enterprises, Darren aims to facilitate clients’ comprehensive understanding of their risks so they can make informed decisions on the amount of risk they wish to bear. Developing long-lasting client relationships is a key priority for Darren and his team, who all possess a strong passion for gaining a deep understanding of each of their clients.

Kellie Smith

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers Adelaide

“I focus not only on providing quality products for competitive premiums but I personally take responsibility for the insurance needs of my clients, and will strive to provide exceptional service.”

Kellie Smith has worked in the insurance industry since 1994, with the majority of this time being spent at a national privately owned brokerage. During her long-standing insurance career, Kellie has held roles including Senior Broker, Manager and Director. Kellie has worked extensively across the insurance industry, with vast experience in a wide variety of insurance products specialising in ISR, Commercial Motor Fleets, and Professional Lines. Kellie brings this wealth of experience to her current role as Branch Manager and Senior Broker at PSC Insurance Brokers Adelaide.

With extensive industry knowledge, Kellie specialises in the technical interpretation and application of insurance covers. Kellie focuses on building strong relationships with her clients providing them with a consistently high level of service that adds value to their business. Kellie enjoys mentoring and leading the Adelaide team, having great satisfaction from empowering the team and helping with their development to the benefit of all clients at PSC Insurance Brokers Adelaide.

Ash Naylor

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Brisbane)

“My priority is building relationships where trust and advice go hand in hand, ensuring we’re there for our clients at every turn.”

Ash has built a comprehensive career in insurance over the last two decades, beginning at AAMI Insurance’s call centre in Melbourne. His early experiences laid a solid groundwork for his subsequent roles, including a period of underwriting at Club Marine in Sydney. In 2008, Ash joined OAMPS Insurance Brokers, where he started as an Assistant Account Executive, supporting senior brokers. He later moved into the Corporate Broking division, managing significant accounts involving large media businesses such as television and radio.

Over ten years ago, Ash started at PSC Insurance Brokers in Canberra as an Account Executive, quickly advancing to Senior Account Manager, managing a diverse client portfolio across various industries. His progression continued as he took on the role of Operations Manager, handling the daily operations of the Canberra office for nearly two and a half years. Later, as an Account Director on the Gold Coast, Ash specialised in managing larger clients with complex risks, focusing particularly on Workplace Health & Safety issues. Today, as Managing Principal, and longstanding PSC Foundation Board Member, Ash’s approach is grounded in a deep understanding of client needs, emphasising the importance of tailored solutions and proactive risk management, affirming his role as a strategic leader in the insurance sector.

Karl Truijens

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Canberra)

“My clients know they can talk to me, I’m there for them, and ultimately, I’ve got their back.”

Karl Truijens is the branch manager of PSC Insurance Brokers Canberra. Karl started his career in agricultural insurance, where he could apply his animal science degree and farming background. He has been working in the insurance industry for 15 years, and in that time has built a broad experience across a range of industries. Karl has worked through various insurance roles in Australia and New Zealand, across broking, underwriting and claims. He has also had extensive experience with the Lloyds of London market having worked as a broker in the UK. Karl is readily positioned to leverage his knowledge of the London insurance markets to source solutions for the most difficult of placements.

Karl applies his far-reaching industry experience and strong knowledge base to provide solutions for his clients. He takes the time to understand his client’s journey, the key drivers of their business, and how they see their insurance program. Karl is relatable and encourages clients to talk to him by always offering a listening ear.

Kylie Stephens

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Darwin)

“I enjoy working closely with clients to ensure I’m not just providing insurance but becoming an extension of their business, educating them about risk and helping them navigate their challenges.”

With 17 years of industry experience, Kylie brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to her role. Beginning her career in Katherine, NT, as a Commercial/Rural insurance broker, she has since accumulated a diverse range of experience in Broking, Underwriting, Claims, and Management. Kylie has successfully run her own business and gained deep knowledge in agriculture, civil, mining, and resources insurance. She holds a Diploma in Insurance Broking and a Diploma of Integrated Risk Management, and she has contributed to prominent industry publications and presented at educational events.

Kylie’s approach to insurance is shaped by her personal experience with catastrophic loss, driving her to integrate insurance with risk management for comprehensive client solutions. She is dedicated to building long-term relationships based on trust and reliability, helping clients navigate the complexities of insurance with clarity and understanding. Kylie’s unwavering commitment to exceptional service ensures clients receive the highest level of support and knowledge.

Katherine Oxnard

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Gold Coast)

“Our client-base is long term, which is a testament to our professionalism, personal service and forging of relationships.”

Katherine is the Managing Principal of PSC Insurance Brokers Gold Coast. Katherine has spent the entirety of her 21-year insurance career on the Gold Coast, starting as an office administrator and diligently working her way through claims and broking roles to become Managing Principal. Katherine knows what it takes to be an effective insurance broker.

Katherine is motivated and driven to continuously develop her professional skills, having proudly participated in a number of industry leadership programs, representing PSC. Katherine leads the Gold Coast team in servicing their diverse range of clients which span from start-ups to established businesses. She is client-focused and has a proven track record of achieving exceptional results for her clients in both broking and claims scenarios, be it the day to day tasks of insurance broking or under challenging circumstances such as when national disasters strike.

Chris Nitchov

Head of Broking
PSC Insurance Brokers (Melbourne)

“Every business is unique, and the key is to take a structured approach to understand the nuances of their business. Every client should have a truly tailored approach to risk transfer.”

Chris Nitchov has over 25 years insurance broking experience, having commenced his career in 1995. During this time, Chris has been involved in the strategic planning, placement and servicing of major corporate insurance programs and is highly experienced in structuring and managing global insurance solutions throughout a diverse range of industry sectors. Chris is motivated by finding the right solutions for his clients, and has applied his experience and entrepreneurial spirit to achieve outstanding outcomes for clients, often in scenarios where others could not find solutions.

Chris takes a consultative approach to insurance and understands the importance of effective collaboration with all stakeholders. He combines his knowledge of common industry issues with insight into the client’s unique business to develop a comprehensive risk transfer solution. He is inquisitive, analytical, persistent, and committed to ensuring his clients receive the outcome that they need. Chris and his team are very accessible and strive to provide the highest service standards to clients.

Dean Clayton

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Melbourne)

“Insurance is not merely a transaction but rather a promise — a commitment to be there for clients when they need it the most.”

Dean is an accomplished insurance professional with a wealth of experience spanning two decades. Since commencing his insurance career through a cadetship in 2003, Dean has been committed to his professional development, continuous growth, and learning. During this time, Dean has worked in Melbourne as well as London, specialising in underwriting, reinsurance, and insurance broking. He has also obtained two insurance diplomas, one in Australia and another in the United Kingdom.

With a belief in keeping insurance simple and accessible, Dean prioritises delivering competitive premiums while ensuring a timely and attentive response to clients’ needs. He places great emphasis on showcasing the capabilities of PSC Insurance Brokers by efficiently and effectively responding to claims of all types, striving for a win-win outcome for all parties involved. With his strong work ethic, extensive industry knowledge, and client-focused approach, he has built a reputation as a trusted, proactive, and responsive advisor.

Mandy Winch

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Eastern)

“Taking the time to listen and understand clients’ concerns, address their questions, and alleviate any anxieties they may have, fosters trust and strengthens the client relationships.”

Mandy has worked in the Insurance Industry since completing her high school education in 1999. She started as an entry-level broker at a local brokerage, where she quickly distinguished herself through her dedication, attention to detail, and ability to forge strong relationships with clients.

In addition to her client-facing role, Mandy is actively involved in mentoring junior brokers and contributing to the professional development of her team. She is known for her collaborative spirit and willingness to share her knowledge and experience with others.

With over two decades of experience in insurance broking, Mandy thrives on helping her clients navigate risks and protect what matters most to them. Her dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence make her a trusted partner for individuals and businesses alike.

Mandy Gladman

Managing Principal
PSC Griffiths Goodall Insurance Brokers

“I focus on developing strong relationships with clients so that I can achieve the best for them.”

Mandy Gladman is the Managing Principal of PSC Griffiths Goodall. Having worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years, Mandy applies her in-depth knowledge and vast experience in the market to the benefit of her clients. Mandy has held a variety of roles across the industry, including broking, claims, underwriting, and management, bringing her far-reaching industry experience and strong knowledge base to provide solutions for her clients.

Mandy takes great satisfaction from mentoring the team at PSC Griffiths Goodall and helping with their development ensuring they take a personalised approach to servicing clients. Mandy prides herself on her honesty, attentiveness, and loyalty to clients. She treats every client as an individual, tailoring specific insurance needs and risk management solutions to best meet their requirements. Mandy genuinely cares about her clients and applies her vast market and technical skills to ensure they are protected.


Nathan Trewin

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Newcastle)

“I have very close working relationships with my clients that are based on trust, reliability and transparency.”

Nathan Trewin has worked in the insurance industry for over a decade. Starting his career in a global Insurance Broking and Risk Management firm, Nathan learned a lot about overseas legislation impacting insurances and gained a deep understanding of the various policies available and methods to place cover. Insurance comes naturally to Nathan, and he quickly progressed through various broking roles, which led him to his current role as the Branch Manager of PSC Insurance Brokers Newcastle.

Nathan applies his knowledge and experience in the industry to provide comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions to his clients. He works toward building trusting relationships with clients so that he can best identify their risk exposures, pain points, and the underlying complexities in their business. Nathan is accessible to his clients and enjoys regularly communicating with them to provide the advice that they need, with a touch of humour.

James Dunlop

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Central West)

“With extensive experience managing businesses through droughts, floods, fires, hurricanes, Global Financial Crisis, and political upheaval, I know how to best help clients through difficult circumstances.”

Managing Principal of PSC Insurance Brokers Central West, James Dunlop brings a wealth of experience he has gained throughout his expansive career to the benefit of his clients. After studying Agricultural Economics at University, James worked for several private and multinational agribusiness companies over a 20-year period, working his way up the corporate ladder from export co-ordinator to Managing Director. James then entered the banking & finance industry, as an Agri Executive for a major Australian bank where he managed a portfolio of agri business and commercial clients across the Central West Region.

Outside of the office, James is a busy family man with three children. He lives on a small farm in the Central West, where he breeds angus cattle. Through his role at PSC Insurance Brokers, James combines his passion for agriculture with his business know-how to deliver the most appropriate insurance and risk management solutions to his clients.

Caroline Jackman

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Perth)

“If a client rings and they need something done, we make sure we get it done. We make sure we deliver on that. Our clients say that we are an asset to their business”

Caroline has spent over 30 years working in the insurance industry. During this time, she has gained a wealth of experience through her various roles. Caroline has experience dealing with the insurance industry from both the insurance broking side and the client side, enabling her to develop a unique ability to intimately understand the client’s perspective.

During her expansive career, Caroline has fulfilled a number of management roles where she acted as a mentor for many employees who have progressed to forge successful insurance careers. Caroline is committed to helping her clients succeed. She is responsive, honest, and transparent, and applies her technical knowledge to ensure clients are confident in their insurance program.

Tony Schifitto

Managing Principal
PSC Alliance Insurance Brokers

“Our team is easily accessible, friendly and approachable at all times, looking after their clients’ key requirements first and foremost.”

Tony Schifitto is the branch manager of PSC Alliance Insurance Brokers. Tony has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years, starting his career at a leading Australian insurer before moving into broking. Through his role as a senior account manager, Tony has a depth of experience in managing top tier clients’ the business.

It is important to Tony that all customers feel welcomed and understood throughout all interactions with PSC Alliance Insurance Brokers. He ensures his team exceed client expectations from purchasing their insurance products right up to managing a claim. The goal of PSC Alliance Insurance Brokers is to make the process of obtaining and understanding insurance as seamless as possible for clients. Tony sees clients as long-term business partners and is truly invested in helping clients grow their business. The entire team at PSC Alliance Insurance Brokers are committed to understanding the individual requirements of each client, so that they can tailor a unique insurance and risk management solution that meets their requirements.

David Withers

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Sydney)

“Our job is to become trusted advisors to our clients, through finding simplistic solutions to their insurance and risk management problems.”

David Withers started his insurance career at an insurance brokerage in the UK, fulfilling several roles before leading the national commercial team. David continued his insurance broking career after moving to Australia in 2007 including pursuing a focus on claims management. In addition to being a diligent and experienced broker, David has consistently achieved exceptional claims outcomes for his clients through his tenacity and negotiating power. This is the part of his role that he enjoys most as it often means the most to clients.

With extensive industry knowledge, David has the technical capability to understand how insurance policies should perform in complex situations, while translating this information into terms that clients understand. David develops close working relationships with his clients as part of getting to know their business so that he can identify the most effective way to add value to their business through risk management or risk transfer. He is quick to respond to clients and committed to finding solutions for his clients that ultimately helps their business succeed.

Kim Brew

Managing Principal
PSC AWIB (Traralgon)

“Clients always come first. At the end of the day, we don’t work for the insurance company, we work for you.”

Branch Manager of AWIB, Kim Brew has been in the insurance industry for over 25 years. During this time, she has held roles in both underwriting and broking. Kim’s key strength is her focus on creating professional relationships with clients. She takes the time to discuss insurance and risk management solutions in a way that the client understands, so that she can ensure their needs have been identified, risks have been discussed, and their insurance program is built around their individual needs. This client-centric approach has paved the way for the success of the AWIB branch, which has a long-standing, loyal client base.

Leading the friendly, competent & client focused AWIB team, Kim ensures clients receive professional advice and customised insurance solutions. She loves a challenge and won’t shy away from tackling the tough insurance problems, having written several insurance schemes for niche markets. No stranger to success, Kim was winner of the Regional Insurance Brokers Association Norm Dyer Award of Excellence in 2005. She is also president of Gippsland Women in Business and Non-Executive Director of Narkoojee Winery.

George Last

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Wagga Wagga)

“Our clients need the right advice, the right service and insurance solutions that are commercial for their business”.

George Last, the Branch Manager of PSC Insurance Brokers Wagga Wagga, began working in the insurance industry in 2016 after an extensive career in agribusiness. George applies his commercial understanding of agribusiness and first-hand insight into the supply chain and logistics processes in the industry to provide insurance solutions and risk management advice to agribusiness and other industry sectors.

While career-focused, George is also a family man with a strong involvement in the community and is proud to sponsor sporting organisations in the area through PSC Insurance Brokers Wagga Wagga. George cares about his clients and strives to be accessible and provide answers in a timely manner. He is solution-focused and strives to deliver for his clients beyond their expectations.

Thor Kreft

Managing Principal
PSC Insurance Brokers (Western)

“We like to have an intimate knowledge of the businesses that we service and the people that run them, it’s the only way to really understand your client’s needs.”

Thor is the Branch Manager of PSC Western Sydney. He has been working in the insurance industry for 13 years, starting his career as a suburban broker before building his experience in corporate broking. Thor has always had a passion for taking the reins and managing a business, which is what led him to PSC.

Having managed the PSC Western Sydney office with an invested interest in its success, Thor has the unique ability to share his own experiences with his clients and finds this a particularly satisfying part of his role. Thor services a diverse range of businesses, but his branch is pillared by construction & affiliated industries. He works particularly closely with Finance brokers, Accountants, Dealerships and other key referral partners. Thor’s clients often have narrow timeframes to meet their insurance needs, so urgency is key. Thor’s loyal group of customers and referral partners would attest that he is friendly, approachable, contactable, thorough, and truly empathetic to their needs.

Aaron Stephenson

Managing Principal
PSC AMGI (Harrington Park)

“I will always go above and beyond to ensure my clients are protected.”

The Director of PSC AMGI, Aaron Stephenson has over 25 years of experience in insurance, having started his career in the insurance industry in the early 90s. Prior to becoming branch manager of PSC AMGI, Aaron owned a successful insurance broking business, where he was recognised for his exceptional work by being awarded ‘AR of the Year’ by the PSC Connect group. 

Aaron prides himself on working with efficiency, honesty, and integrity at all times. He enjoys leading the team at PSC AMGI and ensures they help clients obtain suitable cover to suit their requirements. Aaron provides personalised insurance and risk management solutions to each of his clients, taking into account their unique needs and circumstances and drawing upon his extensive market and technical knowledge to ensure they are adequately protected.


Rhys James

Managing Principal

PSC Paragon

“The tireless pursuit of moving from risk to resilience. This is our specialty and it is how we create sustainable business value for our clients.”

Rhys is the Managing Principal of PSC Paragon (Australia), a joint initiative by PSC Insurance Brokers (Australia) and Paragon International Insurance Brokers (UK), which provides specialist insurance advice to growth stage and ASX listed companies as well as M&A legal advisors and financial sponsors in Australia.

Rhys has 20+ years’ insurance broking experience and has worked in London (where he was a Partner at Paragon) and Sydney. Rhys provides specialist insurance counsel and advocacy to finance and legal executives, GRC professionals as well as Australian M&A legal advisors and financial sponsors.

Rhys is a qualified CPA (Australia), holds a degree in Accounting and Business Strategy & Economic Management from the University of New South Wales and has undertaken studies at the London School of Economics on M&A law.

Having spent almost a decade living abroad with his family, Rhys is enjoying the work (and coffee) in Australia again.

Sharon Brewer

Managing Principal
PSC Trade Credit Risk (Doncaster East)

“The success of PSC Trade Credit Risk comes from an amazing team who have the same enthusiasm and dedication to our clients as I have. The staff at PSC Trade Credit Risk strive to be the trade credit risk  leader and aspire to be the benchmark for quality in the industry.”

Sharon originally founded Trade Credit Risk, now known as PSC Trade Credit Risk, in 2011 to address a gap she saw in the Australian market. Her vision was to create a business offering a truly personalised service in the Credit Insurance broking space.  With over 35 years’ experience in Credit Insurance, Sharon has held various roles with Insurers and Specialist Brokers, driven by a passion to succeed.

Jacqui Thomson

Branch Manager
PSC WSC (Sydney)

“I believe in a strong emphasis on service. I listen to clients and treat them with integrity, professionalism, and efficiency.”

Jacqui Thomson is the Managing Principal of PSC WSC. She has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years, beginning her career in one of Australia’s major insurance companies where she held multiple roles. After taking a break to have her family, Jacqui moved into insurance broking, where she has stayed ever since.

Jacqui’s key focus is on service, with a proven track record of achieving exceptional results for her clients. By consistently servicing her clients well, she has obtained many successful referrals and organic growth for PSC WSC. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient, Jacqui combines her focus on service with her technical knowledge to provide her clients with comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions.

PSC Insurance Brokers is a national insurance brokerage providing cost-effective insurance advice and solutions to small-to-medium businesses across Australia.

We are dedicated to helping you protect your operations and assets through considered advice and the ability to leverage our scale with leading insurers and underwriting agencies.

We focus on our customers above all else. We take a personal approach to each client: to evaluate all aspects of their business, their risks and their situation. Our attention to every detail about your business beyond just insurance and risk means PSC Insurance Brokers provide the right advice to suit your unique situation.

Our personal approach to your business insurance is unrivalled by the global firms and smaller brokerages. We’re confident that no one can match our size, scope, flexibility and responsiveness. That approach means your broker:

  • Understands your needs, your industry and your risks
  • Negotiates on your behalf to provide the best policies and terms available to you
  • Delivers quality, timely and cost-effective client services that are unique to your business situation
  • Acts on your behalf to get claims paid quickly with your full entitlements
  • Is available to you and your business at all times.


We have local knowledge coupled with a national network of risk management specialists and access to insurance policies to match your requirements.