PSC’s Unique access to Wholesale & Lloyd’s Insurance Markets

Lloyd’s of London is the world’s leading market for specialist insurance and is recognised as a key market for risks globally. Lloyd’s has been insuring Australian risks for over 150 years and is licensed to write non-life insurance and reinsurance business in Australia.

PSC Insurance Brokers has unique access to several Wholesale & Lloyd’s Insurance brokers owned within the PSC Insurance Group. Using PSC’s global footprint, PSC Insurance Brokers has considerable Lloyd’s experience and access via our specialist UK based wholesale broking and reinsurance broking businesses. We have strategically placed offices within the UK with our head office located in the heart of the London market. Our businesses in London:

  • Are a recognised force within the Lloyd’s and London Market offering a diverse range of broking, underwriting and reinsurance services within the UK and internationally.
  • Our reputation has been gained on product and market knowledge combined with consistently fast delivery of results. We have deliberately built our team on experience ensuring we add value in terms of advice and market knowledge.
  • Relationships with the market underpin our business. We deal with all major Lloyd’s and Company underwriters including international markets.

Worldwide Insurance Solutions

PSC Insurance Brokers have the unique advantage of close partnerships with global markets to support the risk requirements of our clients.

As a business of the PSC Insurance Group, our access to global businesses is directly via our London offices.  This lends substantial credibility when we are negotiating risks and policies in insurance markets beyond Australia for our clients. The world is changing and complex or difficult risks are more commonplace for many businesses than in the past. In addition, the increasing globalisation of commerce and business presents a new environment for opportunities, but also for new risks to your business.  This unique access to global markets ensures our clients have the best opportunity for successful overseas placements.

PSC Insurance Brokers draw on our negotiating power of the London Insurer and many other global  insurance markets to ensure your business can benefit from policies and cover outside of Australia where appropriate. In addition, through our global partnerships we have access to the experience, advice and support from specialist brokers and professionals to identify risks, coverage options and insurance program best practices unparalleled within Australia.

Utilising our global reach we will work with you to deliver risk transfer solutions, claims advocacy and risk management services with a bespoke, personalised approach that sets PSC Insurance Brokers apart from our global competitors.

Get Help From An Insurance Specialist

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We have the size and scale to help you:

Global Insurance Business Partnerships

Carroll & Partners Limited – Wholesale Broking

Carrolls is a specialist wholesale Lloyd’s Broker based in the heart of London’s insurance sector, providing instant access to Lloyd’s and London Insurers. Carrolls has a strong track record placing a wide array of insurance programs, including property, liability financial lines and construction into the London, European and International markets on behalf of our clients. They also provide retail service capabilities outside of Australia for our international clients.

Alsford Page & Gems – Reinsurance Broking

Alsford Page & Gems is a specialist international insurance and reinsurance broker which was founded in 1976. It has a diverse client base of sophisticated clients across Europe, United Kingdom, Africa, the Middle East, USA and Australia.

APG arranges various reinsurance products for its insurance company clients, including proportional treaties and excess of loss treaties, facultative and bespoke reinsurances and arranging binding covers for various underwriting agencies. Alsford Page & Gems now transacts business on behalf of clients domiciled in over 90 countries worldwide.

New Zealand

Many Australian businesses have businesses, operations or holdings in New Zealand which often require local placement. To ensure compliance with New Zealand regulatory authorities cover requirements PSC Insurance Brokers utilise others PSC Insurance Group businesses to facilitate placements, using local knowledge and leveraging off their substantial commitment to the New Zealand insurance market.

Paragon Insurance Broking – Specialist Broking

Paragon is a specialist insurance broker, operating in the Lloyd’s of London, Bermuda, European and International Specialty markets. We have market-leading capabilities and experience in the Financial, Professional and Casualty Lines sectors. With a broad, independent platform, we can deliver the best services and resources for our clients and broker partners. We partner with our clients to deliver risk transfer solutions, claims advocacy and risk management services.

As part of the PSC Insurance Group, Paragon has grown into a major international insurance broker with offices in London and Bermuda. With a broader, independent platform the company continues to build for the future from a position of strength for the benefit to its clients:

  • Unbeatable sector knowledge and experience in many areas, including cyber, risk management, professional liability, financial & commercial risk, casualty and mergers & acquisitions insurances
  • A boutique broking model that supplies tailored products
  • Long-standing broking relationships with key market players, which means negotiation is carried out directly with senior underwriters
  • Experienced in-house claims handling service
  • Global reach across many insurance markets including Lloyd’s of London and Bermuda.

Paragon’s presence in Bermuda adds considerably to the range and capacity of insurance services we can offer clients. Working closely with the London office, Paragon’s team in Bermuda have the local knowledge, ability and resources to source the right insurance solutions for its clients.

Leveraging global placement and coverage for our clients

We have global partnerships that can provide experience and custom solutions for clients in over 120 countries.

We actively participate in three global broker networks: Uniba, Assurex and Brokers Link. Our leadership within these networks includes current and previous directorship positions as well as providing specialist advice in a range of risk management and insurance placements.

As an independent firm we have the freedom to choose the best local broker in each country. This ensures that we can execute global insurance programs with local insights, multi-language support, and seamless service standards.

UNiBA are one of the world’s largest independent providers of risk management, insurance broking and employee benefits services with over 64 independent brokers around the world. UNiBA has over 4,000 professionals worldwide, covering 130 countries and generates premium income to global insurance markets of €3.7 billion.

Assurex Global is the world’s largest independent insurance broking and risk management organisation. Their network of 600+ offices extends across Europe, North America, Africa & Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America and generates premium income to global insurance markets of US$29 billion.

Brokerslink provides independent insurance broking firms in more than 120 countries with local insurance specialists and market connections. The network includes over 5,800 professionals and generates premium income to global insurance markets US$10.5 billion.


We have local knowledge coupled with a national network of risk management specialists and access to insurance policies to match your requirements.