8 Business Insurance Covers All SME Owners Should Be Aware Of

8 Business Insurance Covers

Running a small or medium sized business in today’s unpredictable world is challenging and the risks are many.  You know you need business insurance, that you need adequate coverage for your building and your employees, but here are 8 other insurance covers that all SME owners should be aware of:

  1. Business Interruption Insurance

    If you are struck by a disaster, with Business Interruption Insurance, you can cover profits that your business otherwise would have made, such as fixed expenses, relocation costs, training costs for new employees and circumstantial closure of business.

  1. Electronic Equipment Insurance

    Electronic Equipment Insurance covers associated costs and losses in the event that any of your electronic equipment (such as computers, laptops or telephones) break down and need to be repaired or replaced.

  1. Employee Dishonesty Insurance

    Most of us think the best of our employees and want to believe that they would never do anything illegal to harm the company, but unfortunately, employee theft costs employers hundreds of millions of dollars every year.   PSC offers Employee Dishonesty Insurance can cover your company against employee theft from the company.

  1. Glass Insurance

    This provides coverage against costly damage to glass windows and display cabinets.

  1. Cyber Insurance

    Cyber crime has increased dramatically over the last few years and unfortunately even if you’ve installed firewalls and the latest anti-theft software, criminals can still gain access to your data.  Cyber Insurance provides coverage for your computer systems and covers against losses incurred as a result of data destruction, data ransom, theft and hacking.

  1. Office Insurance

    Depending on your specific circumstances, Office Insurance may cover your premises or building, contents within the office, cash owned by the business, internal and external glass, such as windows and signs, and electronic equipment, such as computers.

  1. Income Protection Insurance

    Income Protection Insurance cover pays benefits to policyholders who are incapacitated and unable to work due to illness or accident.

  1. Theft & Money Insurance

    This important coverage protects your business from loss of money, securities, or inventory resulting from crime.

We know that you’d rather spend your time running your business instead of thinking about what could go wrong.  At PSC Insurance Brokers we can do the thinking for you and make sure there are no gaps in your Business Insurance policy, contact us today for more information!