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  • Statement of Fact for Cyber & Privacy Liability Coverage

      1. You have anti-virus software installed and enabled on all desktops, laptops and servers (excluding database servers) and it is updated on a regular basis.
        You have firewalls installed on all external gateways.
        You take regular back-ups (at least weekly) of all critical data and store the same offsite or in a fire-proof safe, or your outsourced service provider meets this requirement.
  • Claims Information

      1. After full inquiry, you are not aware of any circumstances, complaints, claims, loss, penalties or fines levied against you in the last five years, in relation to the risks that this application relates to.
        You are not aware of any circumstances or complaints against you in relation to data protection or security, or any actual security violations or security breaches either currently or in the past five years.