Our Management


PSC Board

Paul Dwyer – Group Managing Director

Paul Dwyer was appointed to the Board on 10 December 2010. Prior to being the founder of the PSC Group, Mr Dwyer held a senior executive position with Oamps and previous to that role was a Regional Underwriter with CGU. As Group Managing Director and founder of the Group, Mr Dwyer’s focus remains the strategic direction of the Company, exploring acquisition and organic growth opportunities and to manage and work with the executives and staff within the Company to continually improve business operations. Mr Dwyer continues to drive the business ensuring that the finances and decision-making are robust, in order to deliver the financial outcomes of the Company.

Brian Austin – Chairman (Non Executive Director)

Brian Austin was appointed to the Board on 10 December 2010. With over 30 years industry experience, Mr Austin has held senior executive positions in the insurance industry, including as CEO of Oamps Insurance Brokers. Over that time Mr Austin has been instrumental in setting the strategy of capital raising and acquisitions.

The executive positions Mr Austin has held has enabled him to develop a global network of key relationships that allow the future growth strategies of the Company to be pursued with much confidence.

John Dwyer – Executive Director

John Dwyer was appointed to the Board on 10 December 2010. Mr Dwyer has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, spending time with QBE as a Regional Underwriting Manager, commencing a joint venture with Oamps and eventually becoming Eastern Region Manager (NSW & ACT). As Director of Broking across the Group, Mr Dwyer brings specialist business integration and practical operational skills pivotal to a growing business.

Rohan Stewart – Group Chief Executive Officer

Rohan Stewart joined the Company in 2009. Mr Stewart has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, working in a range of insurance brokerages and underwriters. Rohan has extensive experience in improving business efficiencies and administration, progressing to senior roles with Zurich International and Zurich Financial Services, joining Horsell International as an Executive Director in 2004 and joining PSC when acquired in 2009.

As Group Chief Executive Officer at PSC, Mr Stewart manages the day-to-day management of the Group including responsibility for key national insurer relationships. Rohan brings specialist business integration and practical operational experience to the Group and works closely with John Dwyer on the operational imperatives across the group.

Management Team

Patrick Miller – Chief Executive Officer, PSC Insurance Brokers

Patrick Miller began working for PSC in 2009, Pat has broad expertise in the general insurance and financial services markets, with over 15 years experience.

Appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2017, he has successfully overseen significant growth of the business through long-term partnerships with insurers and clients founded on a customer-centric approach.

Pat is responsible for all branch operations and in particular their client service strategies, developing national affinity relationships and client placement for major accounts across the PSC Insurance Brokers national network.